Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Old Zigzag Road (Quezon)

Going to Bicol?  

 Don't think twice_choose the Old Zigzag Road! Opps, for light vehicle only please.

From here you could turn off your aircon, open your windows and breath the fresh green aroma of the forest.

Welcome embrace by the old giant trees.Immediately, the greens take away the travel stress that surely builds up the moment you start your engine.

Fresh green air and smooth pavement of the road relax you as if to prepare you to upcoming challenging part of this road trip.

The challenge begins_ you meet lots of edgy corners as you go up.

If this is your first time as a lucky passenger, you might skip a number of heartbeats and recite few Bible verses.

Or the opposite_enjoy the roller coaster ride!!!

Along the road_water falls like these are just a common sight. Only here that you can feast your eyes with this beauty of nature_free of charge!

Old trees standing tall and mighty from the bottom of the mountain up to the highest point of the forest road.

Then when you reach the highest point_you'll meet this character  inviting you for lunch at this one stop park.

The landscape of the park is just as natural as the rest of the forest.

Road side picnic spot..

...or at the bottom of a mountain.Your choice!Picnic tables and benches/chairs waiting to be used for free! Be sure to pack your lunch or you can buy at the canteens here.

When it is raining,you can opt to eat at the roofed area with a new level of view_yesss>>tables are still free of charge!

The park somehow has seen my children growing up. We started crossing and stopping by this park since they were babies to toddlers and now they are already a teen and a tween.

And they never get enough of it. Never get tired of this over familiar place. It is always as if they are seeing the place for the first time.

Lunch break is over.Time to hit the road and continue our trip.

The road downward is equally as heartbeat skipping as it is going up.It's not even easier for the driver, because he still has to pass thru edgy corner turns.

But for the passenger who loves the thrill of the roller coaster this is one heck of a ride that he definitely would enjoy!

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