Friday, May 1, 2009

Sta. Rita Beach Resort (part 1)

I hailed from Quezon Province and though I spend most of my lifetime away, I never failed to visit my hometown once to thrice a year.

This particular summer , my brother suggested a local resort just a boat ride from our town.

Sta. Rita Beach Resort .

Instead of taking the 30 minutes boat ride , we opted for a land travel. It was also accessible by land. Must be some kind of a cove rather than an island. After one hour and thirty minutes drive, we entered the resort through a narrow man made sand bridge.

The sight won my nature lover heart.

A long stretch of unending fine sand beach sleeping side by side to a quiet giant body of water was the first hint of the countless charms of the place.

Sitting equally silent but pretty were nipa hut cottages, with the same earth tone hues of the sand .

You could either stay in a fresh air beach front nipa hut cottage where I stayed w my partner or in a family villa, with ac rooms and other facilities ( where the rest of my family stayed).

The View Deck

The Viewdeck is one of the highlights of the resort. Going up there was really a challenge, but the rewards were heavenly fulfilling.

Taking the hundreds or more stairs going up to the view deck is an experience with a capital G. Lush of greens above would refresh you after every step you take.

Bird's Eye View

Take 50 steps and you would be granted a view of the tail of the island when you look down.

Do your math and brave to add 10 to 15 steps and the view gets even better and wider.

Reaching the summit , you could either choose to take a sit and rest first or feast your eyes with the sumptuous view of the whole island, the Ragay Gulf, endless mountains across the sea .

To the Rocky Side of the Resort

Going down from the view deck summit, we discovered another stone stairs. We stopped halfway and found a nice family chapel .

The exit stairs led us to another phase of the cove. Leading us to a surprise character of the place.

Uncanny character of the island reveals in this part. Unlike the main beach, this rocky side is good for snorkeling and a lot more. It is private and a bit secluded from the rest of the island.

a quiet bonding moment with my youngest

brod used the piles of rocks as his meditating based

younger daughter amazed by the crab holes and tried to follow their trail.

We came back to the resort here part 2.


  1. where in quezon is this? and how much is the entrance fee or overnight stay? hope to hear from will be a big help..thanks..-ann

  2. hello roan! i'm sorry to miss your inquiry. i remember answering messages from a similar name (Ann)over my multiply account. i wonder if you were the same person. if you were, i guess i had answered your question. if not, it had been months..are you still interested to this place?

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  4. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your adventures. The place (Sta.Rita) look sooo cool & relaxing.

    Appreciate if you can share more information like contact details, rates & how to get there.

    I plan to visit the place very soon . . . like tomorrow :)

    Thanks in advance,

    Chris (YM ID: ph_zorro)

  5. hi,

    it would be a great favor if you could give me contact details and other relevant information on how to arrange a sort of family Christmas gathering in in this very nice place.

    thank you very much!

    Hennie (

  6. hello hennie,
    i wish i could. but i never got the chance to go back again to this beautiful resort. neither i hold a contact nos. my only key to it is my brother who lives nearby to the place, but even him couldn't get any updates.
    during the time of my visit, the resort was still undergoing construction and they didn't have tel. lines yet.
    if i get the chance to visit it again, i'll surely post updates here.
    the resort is located somewhere between Quezon prov. and Bicol. very far from manila.

  7. i love quezon..what abbout my hometown "san francisco" quezon?
    and offcourse i represent lucban quezon allday...anyway i enjoyed reading this page..bringing back to the roots.... have a great day ahead

  8. ty for dropping by russel. i'm a true blooded quezonian but most of the time clueless about the neighboring towns.hehe. where is San Francisco? i'm quite familiar w Lucban thu'. countless times i was there during Pahiyas. you could actually visit my archive May 2010 for a number of Pahiyas posts.

  9. hi po, san po exact address neto? salamat po =)

  10. I think we've been here about 11 years ago but we took a boat coming from Guinayangan, Quezon. But the isla sta rita we went to was in del gallego, camarines sur. is this the same one?

    check out the only surviving pictures we had at if it is the same

    1. i guess we're talking the same resort. i actually don't know the exact address of the island. it came to me as someplace in quezon province cos practically it shares the same sea of my hometown guinayangan quezon. i even thought del gallego was a town in quezon. so much nearer and accessible from guinayangan than far camarines-es.