Sunday, February 17, 2013

Phil. Travel Expo 2013

Like last year , I went to Phil. travex this year on the first day_ a Friday at MOA/SMX. Unlike last year thu', I didn't have any itinerary to fill-in.

This time, it was more snooping around. Had no intention to buy & book any airfare nor accommodation. Also travex  helped me huge to kill time while waiting for my daughters who were at the MOA Arena ( just across this SMX) watching concert of Paramore. I was with a girlfriend.

Still, couldn't help but to be gushy over cheap deals available in the expo. Only I couldn't really really commit  future dates at this time. Mainly because my daughter in college has undefined school schedule 'til summer. Neither I could be able to travel without my girls the way I used to when husband was still around. But with my partner at  farfar away land now, nobody will sit for my baby teens.

Back to the expo, crowd wasn't that mad when I entered. Maybe because it was already late at past 6 pm. Only, few hours left before closing at 9pm.

Airways booking still busy thu'. But not as crazy as I had seen in the past years. If I were keen on booking a flight, I thought the q was relatively manageable.

Province of Leyte booth with beautiful mannequin.

A tv production covering the event.

Thailand booth  with actual spa/massage going on. I saw a tip box there, token from those who would succumb to the temptation, haha.

Quite similar those two. Don't you think so?

Guam with live music and dance.

Girlfriend and I had fun at Solaire Casino & Resort booth. It has photo live booth which snaps a photo then you can upload & post it on your FB account same minute.. haha, yes we are that shallow!

There are also some slot machines for demo purposes. Solaire Casino & Resort is opening next month here in Ph.

There goes my PH travex this year. I'm happy to note that this time my wallet had not been slashed.. cos I didn't buy any deal! haha.

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