Sunday, February 3, 2013

updating going on...

I'm happy most of the photo links in this blog that have been cut for quite awhile,
are now working.

It happened, I was not aware that the host of my photos weren't able to transmit the images to blogspot.
Until a concerned reader ( ty so much my dear only one follower, haha ) emailed me that my blog photos weren't showing.
I checked and found out that indeed only scripts were left. No pictures.

Almost 400++ posts since 2009 ( not counting another hundreds of posts at my other blog with the same predicament). Nos. of photos x nos. of post x nos. of years = nos. of photos to reload!!!

I got  overwhelmed just thinking about the works I have to put all over again to this blog ( and to the other one ). I don't even..
Anyway, my blogs are so low profile and if not stumbled upon, no one would know. No relatives and close friends read my blogs. Neither my husband nor my daughters (my blog muses) read my posts.
I reckoned, letting go (as in let my blogs die a natural death) is the easiest option.
Oh no!
I can't.
My blogs are my personal recollections since 2009. I put so much heart and soul into them. Okey not so much soul, but cast them in the air? I'd die.
I'm a sucker of memories like that.

So I have started to update the photo links and thu' it has been  quite a wholatta works, I've been enjoying reading each old post.
Obviously, I'm my no.1 ( maybe the only one? ) follower. haha.
Haven't updated all the posts, but almost there..

In the process, I hope to be able to post new ones..

ps: hey, the last one is my own! it's actually a painting of me (w/o the scripts ofcourse) by brother. it has been up on the wall in my bedroom for the longest time. took a photo of it and tadah! how about a pat on the back. thankyou.:))


  1. didn't notice something was wrong with your blog until this last post. what happened to your photos that you said were lost?

  2. if you're keen_ you can try to browse a little over this blog and you'll see some of my posts are still imageless. (otherwise, i had them already updated) especially those 5 months & older. cos i think that was the time the non-google photo host i'm using had some changes which affected the url of my photos.
    that leaves me the mad job to reload the photos of each post :(. it's like jigsaw puzzle or fill in the blanks, haha. at first i was devastated, but later i got the hang of it and started to enjoy if not time consuming. it's like reading old entries of my diary.