Friday, February 8, 2013

Outbound Activity @UPLB

My younger daughter is 13 years old. Sometimes I suspect, the age gap between us is taking its little toll. Like this morning, as usual I prepared her lunch+recess box for school, in to her Igloo lunch bag which she herself bought by her own money. To my annoyance, she transferred everything in a small paper bag, kissed me goodbye and left for school. wt#.
Other than those small annoying teen's acts, this girl is actually very sweet. And still my tail, or so I thought..
cos it hurts to recall when she started to stop me accompanying her to school trips. Like a year or two maybe?. She thought otherwise thu'. She would tease me that I'm a clingy mom! haha.

Weeks ago her school had an outbound activity in U.P.,Los Banos, Laguna. I guess you could equate it to a day camp or a team building.
Ofcourse, I wasn't allowed to go with her. Tears :(:)
I just stole these photos from her schoolmates and teachers. Thank you.

Two days ago before that outbound day, she just got out of flu. So you could imagine how worried I was when I saw this photo of her mud crawling..
Notwithstanding the special considerations I requested from her school to be excused from extreme activities. Daughter said the kind principal was in anyway watchful of her and always asking her if she could do a certain activity before she was allowed.

But there she was.. all fun for her. She said yes to all activities, needless to say.

Some happy trekking photos..

Setting the bar a bit higher_ a little hiking up a low- highland?

The hiking/trekking  daughter loved so much. She said it was so easy for her to do this activity cos she's used to it. We frequent some adventure trekking like here., here, here, here, and I know there are more post links in my archive. I'm just lazy now to do it, haha.

I have never heard my daughter talked with praises about her school trips eversince. This was the first time she went home all happy face bubbling with recollections of the outbound activity.
This must be something for her.
When I saw her photos in F.B...
I'd say_yes indeed :)

p.s.: she also took home  muddy shoes and clothes :))
pps: and a box of delicious buco pie <3

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