Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birthday Trip 2012

I flew to Sg last week. With my older eldest daughter. It happened, both of our birthdays fell on holy week this year. Since I got married, this was the first time that I didn't join my husband to his annual "penance", oops, ok change the word that's too serious, haha. Perhaps, you can just jump here , so you would see  how we usually spend the Holy Week, before this one.

This was on day3. If you would ask daughter she would yell that this day was the highlight of our birthday trip. This was on her birthday. She turned 18. Minus the debutant fanfares. Her dad & I both agreed she deserved a new experience. Her generous fairy godmother thought the same too. It was her first overseas trip. It would also be her first time to do some real shopping!!!

Alright, going back to this 3rd day at Sg. Daughter was excited. This was her day and wishes were promised to come true. We hit Orchard Rd. early and stores had just opened.

Hmmm. . good morning:))). Daughter said I had just ruined her snapshot. *females kissing#. haha.

She made a pass on bloody top range branded shops. Not for her fashion and budget genres.

Definitely not that kind of stores, even though you hit twenty one! and beyond!haha.

Finally, she found some shops that cater to her young taste and to her not-so-well-endowed wallet.

Taking a break from her shopping marathon..

Well o well!! This debutant definitely knows a lot about shopping. She maxed out her shopping budget.

Here ==> excerpts of her shopping loots. Happy girl !!

Her cake. She got to choose the cake she wanted. She's actually a fruit muncher. She had her cake and ate it too... in a positive way.

Happy 18th birthday daughter!!!!

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