Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tam-Awan Craft Shop

A whaaat???. . . can't figure it out. Can you?

Now let's get to an easy-peasy ones. Miniature Igorot huts for P1k++ each, which authentic-life size ones could also be seen in this museum village _ Tam-Awan Village in Baguio City.

I love visiting ( and buying..) souvenir/craft shops of the places I go to with my girls. It's one way of exposing them to the culture and arts of that certain place.

It's educational . It's like going to a museum sans the ingestion  of a lonely boring place . Apart from the culture and art enhancement, it's also my way of cultivating individualism to my girls.

I always see my girls' eyes light- up with mine everytime we see others' creations. They evoke mixed beautiful feelings of appreciation, amazement and motivation_ moving us to either purchase ( only if we could afford it) them so we could mark an ownership or to awaken our own sense of creativity and put it to work later when we get home.

Products are limited, normally hand made/crafted and only sold here. Unlike those that can be found in the malls which are mass produced and everyone has access to. I always instilled to my girls the beauty of being different and not to be just another one of them. Fashion is a personal statement not a thing to be followed but to lead is a glory. Wow, how's that from your stay home mom ;)))

Well, another sure thing_ creativity is a way of life here. An ignition to fire your own, in case it's presently sleeping or it hasn't risen ever yet.

wood crafts showing tribal culture

wooden mask wall decors

chess set made of weighty metals

wooden pipes

trinkets box or an urn for your ashes ?

bamboo flutes

souvenir key chains for everyone

voodoo doll rings which my witch daughter  couldn't resist, she bought plenty.

more tribal creations for your living room and kitchen

Now, since this post started with a mind boggling art work of a Cordillera artist, I'm leaving you this : Which living thing you think was used as inspiration for art work items above if not a mushroom?

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