Thursday, December 16, 2010

Waiting to Exhale. . .

- nightly dinner out and bar hopping
- parties left and right
- binge shopping
- traffic jams
- relatives and friends coming home
- tummy bulging
- wallet starts to thin out
- popping chocolates every minute
- credit cards overlimiting
- stressfull cashier queue
- ham crowding in the fridge
- wrapping endless gifts
- diet crashing
- late beds, early morning rush
- crowded malls and tianges
- makeover rush

Well, just make sure to save your spirit for the ultimate day _ Christmas ! For those who had too much of busy city holidays , why not hop- in the car/ a boat or fly with your loved ones this holiday for a quiet, intimate nature bliss celebration. Check my destination archives to your left. All are guaranteed to be as fun places to visit and spend your holiday in.

Stay tuned for Ascertain Bliss holiday trip ;D See ya ;>>>>>

Merry Christmas everyone !!!!!!!!!!!

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