Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pueblo por la Playa: Ixtapa Suite

It was late at night and the rainy weather was quite challenging when we arrived at our destination. It was another long weekend in the Philippines and families were out on the road. The usual about 3+ hours drive from Manila to Pagbilao Quezon, became a struggling 6 hours cos of the traffic jams all the way here.

No one was complaining thu'. Everyone was on high spirit when we boarded the shuttle from the parking lot that would send us to the hotel.

Can you spot us in the dark? We went straight to the reception to check-in. And the balloons??

We were the the first family to arrive of our 30+ pax (4 families) party. Some of us would stay at the front beach villas ( see here ) and others were booked here at Ixtapa Suite, the hotel of the resort.
My family was arranged to stay in the villa by the beach. I was happy.
And the balloons?? haha.

It was a debut /party set-up which was scheduled an hour less to start. We found out the reception area was located at the Zapotec Pavillion which was the main function hall of the hotel. We kindah got confused looking for the front desk cos that night the whole space was occupied by the said event.

When we settled down in the the villa, I went back to the hotel to check my friends who were gonna stay there. I wanted to see the rooms there too.

This was one of the rooms in Ixtapa Suite. I thought the rooms are smaller than the villas but carry the Mexican theme all over too.

It has a small sitting room before the main bedroom.  No way not to feel up with those vibrant hues even with that bad weather we endured the whole of our stay.

the bedroom

the bathroom, the villa has nicer bath I thought.

Each room also owns a private veranda.

With this beautiful view of the infinity pools and the beach. And the rain too, that time, haha.

that's my husband..

..watching me from a far while I was sitting in the floating bar of the pool. haha.

This is the clan ( not all in the photo )  who I grew up with in  my hometown hood. No blood relations but a family indeed.  It's like I am adopted that I'm always invited to their family events, haha. Love them.

The ladies of the clan ( & husbands) are actually my girlfriends since childhood. We are all mommies now but glad we still get to enjoy old fun and when together it feels like we are in our childhood again.

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