Saturday, December 25, 2010

2.5 @ Resorts World,Manila

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! This is my final Christmas greeting to you since I've been greeting you in every post I made this whole month of December. Sure, holidays not over yet with New Year about to be ushered in just few days, but that's another story.
But today has been the big day!!! Everything was perfectly put into place and our Christmas was pure merry-ness.

The "eve", which included the mass and noche buena, was thoughtful and fun with my hubby's side of family. Early part was spent in another family home affair in my side of family.
Already, claimed to be a tad claustrophobic by the in house celebrations, after lunch, my girls (are always just another kids in the city ), wanted to check a mall. Really? Ofcourse, by this time girls wallets were beaming with aguinaldos and this was the rare time that kids felt doing what the adults do_ shop with their own money!!!!

A good use of 2.5 hours of the special day were spent at the Resorts World, Manila.

When I saw the Casino, it reminded me to claim my membership card which I've long procrastinated to pick up. With my hubby and Cuz' Che_ we had lil' fun initiating ourfor adults only - Christmas day.:))))

cards ( yep, them also) at the slot machines and were happy to take home some beginners' luck. Not so much thu', just enough to perk-up our day.

While the girls were enjoying their freedom time roaming around the place. Seeking an opportunity to spend a partial portion of their Christmas fortune. . .

Only to realize and later reported to the parents that the place was too expensive for their meager a day's work income. ha haha!!!!

The kids were right, it's a high end place and so far_ mostly expensive international branded shops ( I saw only one local brand shop) can be found. Restos are also mostly of the top end.

But the kids didn't give up and was relieved to find a McDo on the upper level :))))

Well, it was a happy 2.5 hours of our Chrismas day.How about you? Hope wishes came true today. Full of love to you all !!!

ps : I almost forgot, the girls were dying to see the play _Kaos at a theater in Resorts World. . .

. . but totally were not interested to shell out thousand bucks ( lowest price starts at almost P1k, must be the cheapest seat ), well they said they would think it over and decided to leave the idea of seeing the great play when left to get back home. ;D

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