Friday, January 22, 2010

Road Trip- Bondoc Peninsula

I'm the girl from Quezon prov who thought after gazillion times of passing the Quezon highways could already sleep the whole trip because I thought I've seen all the roads and towns of my coconut province.

Coming from our recent visit to the farthest town in Quezon from Manila my hometown, we decided to reroute again to Bondoc Peninsula going back to Manila. Take note that from my countless vice-versa trips of Manila-Quezon , this was only a second time. This time, I decided to get on with the trip fully awake and enjoyed the sceneries through the window of our moving vehicle.

Expensive big bikes of hobbyist gentlemen that I was sure not residents of the local town.

Manong surely felt happy, he smiled while I took this photo as we entered the first town of B. Peninsula from Gumaca.

Beautiful century houses turned commercial shops in the town of Agdangan.

We passed by the place of Cong. Suarez, does the name ring a bell? He was attached to the controversial =million pesos dinner treat of Phil. delegation in New York last year with Pres. Macapagal.

The Luminous Cross Sanctuary at Agdangan. We visited it last year. See more of it here

Locals having fun at the road side beach.

With the beautiful Borawan within sight. See more of Borawan here.

Those locals in the beach were so happy to look at, we decided to take a break and took some fresh air.

Random art work took our fancy.....

Must be owned by this resto by the beach, which in itself looked like another work of art.

This was the other resort in Padre Burgos which we didn't see last year. Maybe, we'll try it this year if we could make another visit to Borawan this summer.

To compare this Bondoc Peninsula route to Manila and the Quezon Zigzag-Atimonan route, we figured the latter was a faster way. Yet Bondoc P. way was traffic free. It was like we were the only car in the highway. We felt, we like the zigzag road more still and would take this BP route only during holidays when Quezon highways are loaded with home coming vehicles.


  1. Do you know why good places abroad or local known places are inviting to visit? because they spent thousands of money to advertise. Can you just imagine if people of Bondoc Peninsula could afford to advertise perhaps it will be a tourist destination among locals. There is no more exciting to reach places by ascertaining it by your own. When your eyes are accustomed to cut-and-dried advertisement of places it spoils the fun. We are lucky to have a trekker like you :D

  2. agree.agree.agree :D
    Mabuhay ang bloggers !!!