Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cultural Show at Soloma, Kuala Lumpur

After a sumptuous buffet dinner at Soloma , see food details here , guests were treated to an exquisite cultural show.

The performers were the same people who welcomed the guests at the entrance of the restaurants.

These twin dancers looked so familiar to me. I wonder if they were the same ladies in one of my belly dancing dvds. gotta check it out later.

This dance is tinikling or singkil to us Filipinos. There were so much similarities in many ways, truly one Asia.

Followed was audience participation. My friend Jay was pushing me to join, you know for photo ops, but I saw how the western guests were so excited so I gave way.

At this point, the host was encouraging the guests to come up on the stage for photo ops. Hey, look at this table of - spot the common denominator bishop baldness. Again the western guests hopped first on the stage. Very enthusiastic audience, so nice!

Can you spot my friend  here? She's beside the man with big white hair. I had my spot, but I looked so darn awful, so I'd rather not post it. It was a great night!

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