Monday, August 17, 2009

Ascott, Makati : Pool Side

During rainy school days season, which very much includes the "now-a-days", our itchy feet have no choice but to stay put within reach of our home. Limit by two factors_ kids' school commitments and the giddy weather similar to a woman's mood swings that are so hard to predict.

Limited_yess!.. but not prevented, hehe!

We expanded our mall turf up to the 6th floor of Glorrieta 4. Ofcourse, not for shopping,but for the kids to enjoy a weekend swim.

Ascott,Makati nestled at Glorrieta 4. It was known as Oakwood before and for whatever reason , it is now Ascott, Makati.
Last summer,we spent almost everyday of the month of March here for the kids' swimming lessons, which some of the photos mixed here.
One should be either a member or a resident/guest to be able to fend off costly facility fee here.
Luckily, my cuzin'  is an active member with amenities happily extended to us.

Although the pool area is surrounded by tall buildings, the wind blows like it does in an open sea  resort. It is still an open sky anyway.

It is a cold pool with no heater. The kids took it as a challenge to combat the coldness of the water on their initial dips.

At anyrate, an outdoor jacuzzi is waiting as an option for those who couldn't stand the ice pool water.

A cabana is serving spa by the pool side.

After swimming, the kids like to linger at the looby cos of the free wifi.

The gym, although not as spacious as the club I'm frequenting, is nevertheless equipped with machines and nice too.

The view from the six floor.

The entrance lobby is tiny right beside the entrance of Glorrieta mall.

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