Friday, August 14, 2009

A Shackled Monkey

Lushes greens of tall trees..

Clear and wide sky roof...

Fresh green air..

A forest picture perfect a home for this little creature..

Looks like he's having the best time of his life here..

Is he really?..Let's take a look more of this little soul..

Aaah.. he looks a little sad here, don't you think?

A little lonely..should I say more?

But why?.. Isn't he on the the right place?

Chained!!! Why???

Because he is actually not in the forest..but at the park of Quezon Province famous zigzag road.
He lives not so differently from the monkeys in the zoo for people to view. He's not caged, okey..but chained! Which is a lesser evil? choose.

One thing is sure, he's lonely_ he's alone here. In the zoo, they are plenty. But at least, he's nearer to his original habitat.

The forest is just a glance away. And if there's any consolation to his situation, it is that he is still nevertheless at the forest_ not freely as I'm sure he wishes it to be but still the air is fresh and green.

This is the least that I could do for you my lil' friend monkey. And to those concern citizens who are in the position to help him, please do something.. :<

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