Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Biyaheng Makulay

In no more than 20 minutes I had completed checking around the mall of Resorts World (Manila) and found nothing that jibed with my empty wallet.

This is so randomly fresh that if you are right here at RW right now, you'd still catch me sitting in one of the restos (sipping the cheapest cup of coffee I found, sided by a slice of cake ) here trying to come up with this post. Daughter is still busy with her photo shoot and the mom (that's me, ok?) waits, tries to kill time by talking to her imaginary virtual audience, haha.
Hmmm.. what can I share here?? I'm flipping over photos daughter had just taken an hour ago (included are those two above). I'm not sure if I'm allowed to use the raw photos here that she's gonna be using to her latest school projs. I think I could, I'm "the mother" !!! haha.

We saw colorful jeepneys _ parked and on display at the atrium of the mall.

Imagine riding a jeepney painted as beautiful as this, awesome right?

But our jeepneys are really like that. . always bursting with colors. .

That's why I think this art contest exhibit is named as Biyaheng Makulay.

Yah, they are miniature jeepneys.

Small like that!!!

Sorry, can't ride one. Worry not, the real ones are available 24/7 in every road here in P.I. You can hardly miss one.

There were entries by local celebrities like Tuesday Vargas and Donita Rose.

I particularly like the Pahiyas jeep cos it represents my favorite local festival. I frequent Pahiyas sa Quezon which is celebrated annually every month of May.

Approaching abrupt ending. . 
The photographer daughter is here already and we're ready to get home.
Bye now.
p/s : sshh. .tell her not that I use her photos here, ok?
pp/s : if you'd like to catch the exhibit, go visit Newport Mall at Resorts World now.

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