Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Last week a short note was left on my email by a girlfriend (based overseas), saying she was in the country for  a short visit and would I please call her in the hotel. Which hotel?, she missed to specify. Four months ago, she was also here for a short visit. I called-up Berjaya Hotel where she stayed last time and bingo she was there!

Needless to say_ she had a satisfying stay the last time that she didn't think twice to book here again for another 5 day stay. In fairness, this Berjaya in Makati Ave. might come so quirky (cos of it's ridiculously slim structure) from the outside, but inside_ the rooms are actually a lot better than some old 5 star hotels'  rooms in the metro. In size and  in neatness.

I just thought the room was actually in many ways useless to my friend. Except for me_ chilling there, the room had only been used as 3 hours sleep bed per day and for freshening-up.

If not out for shopping and dining, my girlfriend was busy in the internet. The complimentary LAN connection inside the room was unused cos she forgot her laptop and iPad at home. Neither she missed to mention to me to bring along a laptop for her when I came out of my suburban cave to accompany her stay.

This business nook in the lobby of the hotel became her temp. office. haha.

For a price ofcourse.

When the weekend came, the lobby was always full of luggage with a lot of guests checking-in. Couldn't believe how popular this hotel to the whites.

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  1. ang sosyal naman jan!
    glad you're doing okay now =)

    sayang nga yung travel mart, ang konti ng good airline deals, nagaabang pa naman ako nung sa batanes

    Lakad Pilipinas