Friday, July 24, 2009

Borawan Island

Locals of Padre Burgos had fed me that Borawan came from combining Boracay and Palawan.
They said, the island has the rock fascinating formations of Palawan and the white sand of Boracay and pristine waters of both. Wow!Sounded too good to be true.

Not easily bought, hmm.. let me see..
From the resort we were staying ( here ), we hired a boat that would bring us to Borawan and brought us back to the resort. We rented it for P500.

Approaching the island, I could sense the truth of the locals' claim.

My excitement grew further as we got nearer...

omg I was loving what was initially showing.. amazing rocks and a promise of white sand!

Well, our kids were more excited than I was. They jumped out of the boat before it was even properly docked. They were excited about the floor embedded with gazillions shells.

And me? I went gaga over the fascinating rock formations! omg I never expected them here in Padre Burgos. I don't expect to find something exquisite in places so accessible so near to Manila. In Palawan, yes!  But here in Bondoc Peninsula? I was pleasantly surprised!

Look at this wall of thousands rocks (photo).

full of characters..

This one is another beauty. But when we tried to sit under it, we didn't like the smell_ urine smell.

Available were nipa huts for daytime and overnight rent.

Across were other interesting islands to explore..

We didn't stay long and headed to our next stop_ Dampalitan Island.


  1. Great pictures. Looks like a wonderful place to visit.

    -- Dan
    Outer Banks Revealed

  2. @ Dan

    > it is a nice place
    > thanks for the visit
    > please do comeback anytime
    > :D

  3. is it really nice?! coz my friends and i are planning to xplore this island and i guess we will be satisfied because of your pictures...

    Thanks for your pictures... We had decided to be there ;)

  4. wow...back in 2009, ganda pa pala yung mga kubo. Sarap sana ng view...makati lang ang tubig no?

  5. @ianisme- recently ka lang ba nagpunta? musta na kaya ang Borawan today?haven't been back since 2009.that time, di naman makati ang tubig,madumi na ba now?sayang naman kung di nila's one destination na very accessible from Manila and yes already nature bounded.

  6. yup...daming dikya. in fact, sa dampalitan, they had to put a net just to have a dikya-free swim area. mukha ka nga lang fishling pag andun ka sa loob :-)

  7. @ianisme - aww, mejo may problema talaga tyo sa maintenance noh'. really sa Dampalitan ganon na? see my post here :
    sayang nman. somewhere, a fisherman told me that dikya daw is seasonal. it's out daw during hot season like summer. one time kse nakaexperience din kmi ng sobrang daming dikya na was summer.