Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mount Sea Grand Resort

Mount Sea Grand Resort is a perfect weekend getaway if you are currently enslave by the following conditions : 1. kids are priority 2. proximity is the only way 3. coming from a stressful week.

With those all of the above 3 conditions on our shoulders, we ran to Mount Sea Resort in Tanza, Cavite.

The room is neat and really smelled sooo good! We love the beddings because they were so fresh to both senses-sight and smell. The rest of the facilities in the room were of an upscale hotel.

The bathroom was nice and neat too.

We went down to the resto for late (or was it midnight already?) dinner in our jammies. We were so hungry we didn't bother to dress-up since we guessed the place would be empty at that time.

And we were so right..we were the only people in this zen-inspired restaurant. The menu was a fusion of local and international dishes. There was also a bar.
We ended-up taking our left overs in the room since we usually don't bother about time when we are in vacation. Snacking is 24/7 when we are in a hotel.
The lobby was adorned with art works and the walk way to our room was beautifully lighted.

The next morning the kids woke us so early because they were so excited to swim. We let them had a taste of the pool last night for a night swim but only for a short hour. It was so cold because of the wind blowing from the sea. The resort is actually located in a sea front.

Complimentary breakfast was already serving so we went to the buffet and enjoyed it at the cabana in the beach.

While at it, we saw the obstacle facilities in the beach and had fun playing with the kids. Great work-out in the morning.

We went around the resort. The kids loved the mountain-zafari theme of the place.

There were giant crocs, monkeys and turtles (not real, ofcourse!), scattered around the resort.

Then we fancied to go up to the huge mountain and took the challenge to reach the top.

On the first level, there was a covered pool, in case you're anti-sun.

On each level, a slide mouth would invite you for a ride to take you down to the grand pool hundred (or was it a thousand?) feet below.

And when we reached the top_ the view was fantastico!

A giant eagle sits on top most  and you could enjoy his eye view of the whole resort and beyond.

We went down back to the grand pool to enjoy the water.

Ready to face the world again!!

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