Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crack of Dawn at Padre Burgos

On our second day at Padre Burgos, my daughter woke me up so early _ the sun was just starting to peep through the dark clouds. She was so excited about the beach and wanted to see it on a low tide.

The beach was beautifully extended up to the farther middle of the sea. Water level was barely touching our toes.

The sea was as quiet as the earliest morning. The two islets were still sleeping with the rest of the place.

A little later, my daughter briskly ran , afraid of the change of tide coming along with the setting of the sun. In a matter of minutes the low tide islands would be submerged once again under the sea, only to emerge again at dawn.

As the sun commenced to set in full glory, the water started to go up and the beach begun to comeback to it's original form the way we found it when we arrived.

When younger daughter and I were joined by the rest of our family, the high tide was setting in fast. There was still one low tide tail island left when they came and felt sad that they didn't wake up as early as we we did.

The kids enjoyed the change of tides right on their toes. Savoring the feel of the water level getting higher and higher by the minutes.

We explored by crossing the almost knee-level sea and found some rock formations at the other side.

We stayed for a while to luxuriate in this serene view of the nature...


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