Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alma Mater Matters..

Few months back, I went to visit my alma mater. First time since I graduated from college decades ago. It's a shame that I'm admitting I haven't looked back ever since  Haven't attended a single class reunion or any alumni homecoming. I was so totally cut off. I blame it to the stage of life called "adulthood', haha. I was consumed and still is, by the challenges thereof _ careers, marriage, children and infinite whatnots. Some of my classmates, I got reconnected only through Facebook, just lately.

I entered the familiar gate of my youth and walked the same corridors my black school shoe used to walk on a daily basis decades ago. I saw nuns and uniformed girls who mobbed me with  flashed back memories.

drama. cut!!!

I reached my destination. The registrar. I just had to get some school documents that would support my present venture. Done in a minute.

By the way, I went with my girls. None of them go to this school, just so you know.We made a little tour. I thought this would give them a little glimpse of their mother's student life.

It used to be an exclusive for girls school during my time. Today, it's now an open gender school and already a university.

Before I bid goodbye to my alma mater once more, I dropped by the prayer room with my girls, the same one I frequented when I was a student here.. many many years ago.

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