Saturday, September 1, 2012

Flower Power

Just this morning, husband emailed me this postcard perfect photo of flowers he took in the park where he biked around earlier on today. So pretty. Today is the first day of September. Down there where husband is currently based, it's the opening of the season of Spring. Husband said he didn't notice or hadn't seen these flowers the last time he was there which was two weeks ago and winter yet. Then he realized "it's indeed spring already". Then he thought of me and sent me this photo. Fyi : I'm never a flower lady and he knows it well, he never gave me a single flower in the course of our #decades of marriage cos he knew I would never appreciate it.
But this photo? Whose wife is not going to melt by the gesture and the beautiful flowers. I'm enthralled <3. Besides, I'm not really anti-floral through and through. I also get to appreciate and like some flowers. Mostly wild and not as common as roses. Those flowers in the photo are just my type. I also happen to like orchids cos they got lots of character and mostly distinctly exotic.

Hence, I guess I could no longer ignore the piles of orchids photos in my files and just let them get wilted and withered by time_ not posted. Right in this post would be beautiful photos of orchids  I had long ignored in my files. I made a total of 3 posts on SG Botanic Gardens ( here, here & here ), not yet including this one. Not up and until this day that I found the interest to do a post on this beautiful and exclusive part of SGBG which is called V.I.P Orchids. This is one garden there that has entrance fee. Exotic orchids being exhibited inside are named under famous people like presidents of different countries, celebrities even royal families. I have to confess thu' that most names were unknown to me or somehow not of importance to me, hehe. I actually just wanted to see two orchids_ of Princess Diana and Pres. Cory Aquino. I thought I hadn't seen not even one of them but when I checked my photos, I found out that I had Princess D's orchid.

The flower is named Denrobium Memoria Princess Diana. The princess hadn't seen the flowers cos she died before she was able to make the trip to Sg and should have had seen the actual orchid.

In sync, I gathered from the news that Aug. 30, 2012 was the 15th  death anniversary of the Princess and in this regard the Duke and Duchess (Wills & Kate) are coming to Singapore to see Princess D's orchids and also have orchid named after each of them. photo source

I have to warn you thu' that that's the only V.I.P. orchid I'm naming here. Come on, don't make me work on this, haha. I just wanna share you the beautiful images of these exotic orchids. The followings would have no captions but they would surely capture your eyes :

aww, so cute. . well this is a little distraction if you were like me who easily get overwhelmed ( in a negative way) when surrounded by lots of pretty flowers..

forgive me, for not being "so girls love flowers". I'm just like these  little kids by heart. I'd rather have many other things than flowers.

I'm so unlike of my girlfriends who are so girly flowery women. My bestfriend here who has been living in Singapore as expat for decades now, is one flower lover. Whenever I get to visit her in SG, she would always want to take me to Botanic Gardens cos 1}. it's like in the next avenue from her neighborhood, so pretty accessible and 2}. she loves the orchids there! But me would always like, no more Botanic Gardens, I've been there once and that's quite enough. Ofcourse, that's an alibi. You can't tour the whole place in one visit, it's so huge.

Okey, before I end this post, here's another one for you.

Now, if you'll excuse me.. can I go now to some art exhibits? outta here :)))

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