Friday, September 28, 2012

I want to ride The Cash Cab

At home, there's computer and there's television that keep me company when my girls are out for school. I love watching reality shows. On my daily list : "Keeping- up With the Kardashians" - the sexy siblings still amuse me, "Jersey Shores" - yes, the wild & weird housemates send me to laughing trip,"The world According to Paris" - it's like watching a live barbie doll, "The Rachel Zoe Project" - I have to mention that this one is my favorite ever! big fan of Rachel. 
Ofcourse, they come late here. Sometimes a season or two or more late. But still ok with me. There are other reality shows that I watch but not necessarily follow as I do to the mentioned shows. So when they go on replay cycle I would tune on the other reality shows. 
Oh, there's only one singing contest that I love _ "The Voice"- the blind audition excites me.  
And there's only one game show that I watch. . . . . . . . . . .

The Cash Cab. The Asia edition. The one being driven in Singapore. 50% I get entertained by guessing the right answers along with the passenger/player and 50% I love seeing the familiar roads of Singapore.

I miss Sg.

Everytime we rode a taxi there, I was waiting for the driver to turn around and face us to  announce : "this is The Cash Cab"!!! haha. This driver was definitely not Oli Pettigrew, the host/driver of the show. The old man is a Singaporean. Daughter took this photo cos this driver was particularly kind and was remarkably talkative. I remember he kept on offering us candies and other goodies he kept in his taxi for his personal consumption. He was particularly interested when he found out that we were Filipinos. It was because according to him, he had a girlfriend who was a Filipina. Allright.. cut! This is actually nonesense , I just thought I would post a taxi line here cos of the Cash Cab. haha.

I miss Sg.
I miss the safety/ security of every little road there.

 The safety of walking the road at 3pm...

 .. is parallel to the security of walking the road at 3am.

It's boundless by time. So unlike here when my daughter school schedules call for her to walk the road and  commute after 8pm, my worries keep building up not until she reaches home safely.

 I miss Sg. I miss my bff there.

Oh well, as for the The Cash Cab show, needless to say_ Singapore is the best location city in Asia. Imagine if it would be done here in  Manila or Kuala Lumpur??? ..imagine..imagine.. I don't think Oli P. (the host) would  brag the cash inside the taxi to stranger/s who randomly ride his cab. Unless the passengers would be pre-selected.

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