Thursday, February 18, 2010

3D's On the Side Walk (part 1)

Ever came across with this amazing 3D chalk guy ?
His works never stop painting my face in owe.
This guy is truly gifted with capital G.
Check these out :
note : captions are not of the artist, but from my crazy- corny mind

realize that the only life form here is the baby

now, I'm beginning to be tad confused. those two men, are they drawings or what?

waaaahhhhh !!!!!!

winged creatures planted on the ground


the world is his oyster, the girl is a fairy in jeans?

mirror, mirror on the ground.. why do I look old on you?

up on the roof top, down there everything is tiny

cellphones, buildings?

take a dip with her

you can do it dude!!!

That's all for now folks.
If you promise to come back tomorrow, I promise to post more of his works.
See you then.
I'm so sleepy now..
Gudnyt :D

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