Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Come To Think Of It

A good friend emailed these photos to me. I thought I had enough of planets and heavenly bodies in my college Astrology. Once or twice I heard my youngest kid memorized the names of the planets and that's it.

But hey, try to look at these images. You may realize something you take for granted.

look how tiny our home planet compare to other planets

now, look at the planets compare to mother sun

while I thought the sun is the biggest thing in the universe, here come other bigger stars

and come more huge stuffs in the universe

infinite universe

How humbling to know how small we are when in fact most of us look at themselves as the big ones. Come on .. time to wake up !!! To others you don't even exist. Stop fooling yourself.

It pays to be humble. Know your place in the universe.

God Bless.


  1. I almost completed the Season 1 HD of "The Universe" from Copernicus, Galileo to Einstein Theory of Relativity and today’s Quantum Mechanics. The Science and all the knowledge that I acquired convincingly informed me to be well aware of all our beginnings.

    My faith in God have never shaken up, nor altered my own view of being us as a human. More to it, is the revelation of true explanations of Genesis in more skeptical way than old Bible scholars have been encouraging us to learn.

    Gone are the days that we have to kneel and understand Him by just signing a cross to pray. Being a man with open mind helps me more to understand Him.

    Yup, Come to think of it, that people are building Multi-Billion Dollar Atom Smasher, only to find out that the Big Bang were already explained poetically by the Book of Genesis.

    My friends, opening your mind to Science will not alter your beliefs but being skeptics is the true wisdom of a believer. Thanks for the post.

  2. hello Nell,


    great comments.

    words to reckon too.