Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Baby Dedication

My newest godchild is such a doll. Looking at her in this pic, right now I feel like I want to squeeze her like a marshmallow, haha. Soo cute! Notice how awkward the way I held her? 

Excuse me, but my youngest daughter is already 13 years old. Should I explain further? haha.

Two months ago, I attended this Christian ceremony as one of the god mothers who are actually long time friends from my daughters' school. My newest "kumare" ( my godchild's pretty pretty mom ) has her older kids going in the same school too. So technically, they are my co-parents. But more. I mean, my friendship with them has grown big as our kids grew from pre-school to... my golly, some of our kids are actually in college now! 

Although I'm a Catholic, this was not my first time to witness such. I had attended a number of  my in laws' ( who are mostly Born Again Christians) similar event, but only as a ( eating, haha! ) guest. Hence I didn't really have a good grasp of the significant of the ceremony being that different from our baptismal in Catholic church.

First of all, this one is not called " baptismal / Christening ",  but "dedication". I gathered that the rite is somehow a public statement by the parents, dedicating their child in the Christian faith. When the child reaches a certain age,  when she's matured already to place her faith in Christ, then that's the time she would be baptized. 
Hmm, that makes sense to me.

Oh well, I'm not really going to dig further. I know_ don't talk politics and religion in public, especially if you are not religious like me, haha. 
Makes sense????

I actually dedicate this post to my beautiful god child with a beautiful name Haley Thiarese. I know you can't read this yet, but when you grow-up in this highly virtual world, when you stumble-upon this blog ( if blogspot is still around, fingers crossedxxx ), I hope this would take you back to the day of your dedication when I begun to partake in a pixel of your life. 

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