Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Movies Last June

bear with me..
my heart is heavy..
let's watch movies..
the kind husband & I don't usually watch but our girls love..

superheroes movies ;

So the past month of June became movie dates with my girls. The latest was Spiderman. For once we
went back to SM (Southmall) Cinema, only because I thought the renovations had reached the theaters too. Maybe the other theaters there, but we went not in a 3D and found ourselves in a usual old tired SM cinema. 

There were like 3 to 4 cinemas in Southmall showing Spiderman. We chose the one convenient to our time that would let us eat dinner first but not a last fullshow cos it was a Sunday and the girls had to get home 
early for school on Monday. So we bought tickets first and headed to eat dinner.

Any theater there showing Spiderman was full of queue outside. There was also photo-ops with Spiderman mascot. I think it was the 3rd day of showing. 

When we came back to get inside the cinema, we also had to queue for like not less than 30 minutes. Oops sorry, this is not a movie review. This is just me ramblings :))). Anyway, I bet you saw Spiderman too, if not google for those reviews by movie experts. Me not included.
I actually saw the two Spiderman movies before this latest. But totally forgotten about them. The verdict? __ I like this latest best, only because I had no memory of the previous, haha.

A week or two before Spiderman, we watched. .whatelse but Avengers. Which first parts made husband slept, haha.

We also had to endure long queue for this as it was another blockbuster movie.

We watched it at Resorts World Cinema with state of the arts theaters. Love it there. The frowns, caused by the queue. I was ranting to husband that patience now a days is more important than cash to get you out of trouble. Ignore that. It just me :)). Q q q, you make me zzzz.

The girls definitely love Avengers and took some weeks to get over it. Patiently, they watched each of the film of the individual Avenger at home. 

And yes we watched local superhero movie _ KimiDora. haha. Surprisingly I really had super fun watching it. As in super funny to the f!!!

So there_ those movies ripped-off my wallet. To a family of four, going to movies costs like checking- in a hotel. With the high cost of entrance tickets+snacks+dinner, well it's not anymore the cheapest entertainment for the family. But spending time with your family is priceless, no matter how and where and how much.


  1. naku, rarely do we go out to watch a movie. not only is it expensive, you just sit there for about 2 hours to watch instead of spending more quality time with the family. i think the last movie we saw was moron 5 and the crying lady, which was requested by our daughter, angel, ha ha ha

    1. #relate.
      ewan ko ba these kids love to go to movies. perhaps cos they are not paying kase:))puede na rin once in a while basta not habitual. we were lucky, during our time, movies were cheap:)but now, malas natin as parents_ expensive na manuod ng sine:)))