Sunday, May 6, 2012

Songs of the Sea

One of the old attractions in Sentosa, Singapore, that I only came to watch recently (last month), is Songs of the Sea. My bff was so thoughtful to include this to our itinerary especially for me and first timer daughter. We took the 8:30 pm show after enjoying the cable car ride and a dinner at Tastes of Singapore also there at Sentosa.

While the audience was assembling, there were uniformed vendors moving around, selling souvenir toys. Since this was more than anything else a pyrotechnics show, mostly being sold were  laser toys and other lighting toys. Kids were happy to buy.

The show is being held at  Siloso Beach in Sentosa. The sea serving as the stage of the whole show.

A musical show with a live cast. It's somehow an interactive show with the actors once in a while nudging the audience to participate in some little ways.

The awesome thing about this show thu' was the spectacular dramatic effects of lights and sounds, using the fountains of water as the projector screen which made the show quite amazing.

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