Friday, October 9, 2009

Indulge In The Uniquely Singapore Experience

* entry to Indulge In Uniquely Singapore/Nuffnang Awards 09

As the world goes global and foreign countries become neighbors, it's not easy to admit that I could still count on my fingers of one of my hands the few countries that I was able to visit. This is to sadly say that Singapore is not one of them.

Being from a neighboring Asian country, the Philippines, I don't live really that far. Actually just around 3 hours flight. Most of my friends had experienced Singapore, either as tourists or workers. From them I heard how unique Singapore is. They are in awe of how much culture,cuisine,arts and architecture have blended richly in one single country that is Singapore.

Images of uniquely Singapore amaze me. So much so that it has been part of my future plan to visit it one day. But what really hurried me to push through with this plan is the recent on line reunion with my long lost friend who I haven't seen for 15 years.

She found me in the internet just very recently. She is now based in Singapore and has nothing but wonderful words for the new country who adapted her. She lives there for around 15 years now and has witnessed the progressive success of Singapore through the years.We reconnect through on line communications and always she would bubble with invites to this beautiful country.

Weeeh.. I wish I'm living the life (a jet setter on her own right, travels Europe, USA and the rest of the world) she lives. But fact I'm on the opposite end of the rope. Stop that drama queen-ess. The fact is for a happy dreamer like me, life goes on..and on to my dream indulgence of Uniquely Singapore.

1. Waking -up in a fresh morning enjoying :


- A Kaya Toast Breakfast at Yakun

- a thick layer of kaya (jam made of coconut and eggs) spread generously on toast and topped with a square pat of sunny butter. Washed down with a mug of piping hot coffee or Teh Tarik. Teh Tarik is tea with condensed milk mixed using the pulling method.

My sweet tooth would surely smiling from ear to ear with this breakfast that would energize the start of a day tour.

2. The day is young and best to start early a Sentosa Island Tour which will consume 4 uniquely Singapore hours.

- I would definitely look forward to experience the cable ride in Mt Faber, enjoy the scenic view on the way to Sentosa Island.

- I would then proceed to the Underwater World, one of the largest oceanarium that has an 83m long acrylic tunnel for a spectacular view of marine life.

So far so touristy, but I'm a lucky tourist for a day. I have no choice but enjoy the places this beautiful country offers ;)

- Then, me the tourist would next head for the Dolphin Lagoon where you get the opportunity to marvel at the performance of intelligent pink dolphins.

Wow! I've never known that there's a different color of dolphin other than black and white.

-Now it's time to hop onto the island's shuttle and head for the Merlion, standing on a 23m high hillock overlooking Sentosa. It offers a 360 degree view of Sentosa as well as a panoramic view of Singapore's southern shore.

Everytime I see photo of this Merlion, Singapore quickly comes easy to my mind. There's no way I would miss a photo ops of this landmark.

3. It would be around 12 noon at this point and I would be having second thoughts of taking a foodie lunch here or at the next destination which is to return back to mainland Singapore by coach via the Causeway Link.

One thing is sure though, I have to taste the Singaporean chilli crab where it was originated

4. The better half of the day is coming over and I see myself at the girls' heart hang out_ The Orchard Road, where shopping is divine.

Restricted by time, I would just concentrate my shopping escapade in one place _The Ion Orchard

5. Happy and happier I would be but ready to meet my friend to unwind and recap the day and the missed years with my long lost friend Jay in one of dining places here_still at the Orchard Road.

A day in Singapore is definitely not enough to Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience!

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