Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Fools 2013

I am such a permanent prank on April Fools. I was born on April 1. Don't worry about me, I'm ok with the date of my birthday. If I would be granted  to choose my  birthday, I wouldn't hesitate to keep April 1. It's a happy day. The world is busy making prank on each other. What's more fun than practical jokes!
Here in Ph, my birthday usually falls on a holiday. It would either be a day in a Lent or sometimes it would fall on Easter Day. This year it was the day after Easter.

It was my first time not to spend my birthday with husband (since I got married ). I guess, my daughters were so aware of this fact, they took ownership of making me happy on my birthday this year. Not that they hadn't in the past, only this time, they were on their own ( piggybank stashed, haha ) w/o the dad financing.

One of the little highlights of my day was they surprised me with a birthday cake.

Having cake on my birthday? Oh man I tell ya, it's big for me! Already!  I couldn't remember the last time I had a birthday cake with candles to blow for a wish.. and I have been  bithday-ing for two scores + some years now. Do the math, will ya?

Oh sure,  last year ( 2012 photo ), I almost had a birthday cake in one of my birthday post celebrations. It was a random restaurant complimentary  cake slice and no candles, so it's not counted, haha.

This year, I was also with the same friends on my birthday. Just at home with random snacks, and you know what was the prank of the day? .. aside from it was a bad hair day for me, haha..


I had accidentally deleted  all photos my friend took of my birthday, surprised cake moments included, haha. Also we found out, the camera was memory cardless, haha.

So this one ( photo ) was actually not candid anymore but a retake, haha.

Although I missed husband + bday getaways, it was a happy birthday. I was with my daughters as always and  close friends. Those who weren't there made their greetings over phone calls and ofcourse FB messages. Thankyouverymuch <3.

The next day, I celebrated again with a bestfriend over a lunch buffet. Thankyou.

I still had the cake vibe in me, so I had a plateful of  pastries,  I knew I couldn't finish them thu'. But hey it's my birthday..haha.

The greatest gift ofcourse is the gift of life. Thank you Lord <3.

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